Our Vision For Our World And The People Who Live On It
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World Changers TLC
We have put this website together so you can BE the kind of person Jesus wants you to BE. As we yield to Jesus’ life, message, ministry, and methods, we soon learn that DOING flows out of BEING.

Do you agree with the statement, you can’t give what you don’t have?

Based on this vision you have just read, we have put the Bible, verse after verse, into various studies so you can allow the Holy Spirit to take the things of Jesus and put them in your life. Then you will HAVE those things you need and will be able to GIVE them to others.

HELP eMagazine, New Life, Living Victoriously, Devotions With Jesus, Talking With Your Father, Christian Fellowship, Sermons For Life, Bible Life University, and World Changers TLC have been put on this site so you can allow the Holy Spirit to teach you what Jesus wants you to BE and what He wants you to DO.

You will see how the power of salvation, spiritual growth, developing a close relationship with your heavenly Father, establishing pure relationships with other Christians, being trained in God’s Word, and a ministry patterned after the methods of Jesus will help you change your world.

Jesus’ method won’t cost much money, won’t require many buildings, won’t need many organizations, and won’t cause you to have to try to manage it all.

Your outreach to the world will look like a tree. It will have many branches stretching out into all the world. But, they will all be connected to the trunk of Jesus.
Connected To The Right Person
Instead of you building people around you, as you try to create a large church or organization, you will learn how to help everyone grow in their spiritual abilities to connect to God for themselves. You will be able to use these tools on this website to show them how to have their own intimate relationship with God. That is the direction we will be sharing with you; and that will be the direction you will be helping all your Christian friends to go.

Jesus Will Be The Judge
Rather than us being controlled by a person, group, or organization, we will all learn how to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. Rather than having to answer to a governmental body of humans, we will submit our lives and ministry, of helping hurting people, to the One Who is going to be deciding how we lived and how we treated other people. We are eventually going to stand in front of Jesus; and He will be our final Judge.

Learning To Answer To Jesus
We don’t have to get the approval of humans; we just HAVE to please Jesus. We won’t answer to humans in the final analysis. To realize this will help us stop trying to please people and start doing those things that are pleasing to Jesus. If we are constantly being encouraged to seek to be pleasing in His sight, then we will be accepted by Him on that Last Day.

It’s Here For You To Use
We encourage you to get involved in World Changers TLC, Bible Life University, Devotions With Jesus, and HELP eMagazine. They can help you be the very best you can be in Christ Jesus. We are praying for you that God blesses you abundantly and uses you mightily for His glory and honor. We want to help you be totally acceptable in His sight on the great day of His coming.

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