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It’s Not That Complicated
While it is true the world can’t be changed en mass, it isn’t true that it can’t be changed one person at a time. There is a way to do an one-on-one ministry that will spread around the world like wildfire.
  • It isn’t through one by one addition.
  • It isn’t even through mass efforts of multiplication.
  • It is an one-on-one system of growth that spreads exponentially.
Jesus started a movement that has been using that system for centuries. The problem is, that movement has bogged down in many areas of the world. God is moving in a mighty way in some places in the world; and, He is being largely rejected in other parts of the world. Is the rejection because the gospel can’t be presented in those places; or, is it because God’s people aren’t presenting it the way they should? For those who are not satisfied with just wondering and talking about it, there is a way to find out.

You Think I’m The Problem?
We could start with the assumption that WE are the problem. We could come to God empty of all our ideas, open up to what He has to say the problem is, and we could let Him help us with these bogged down areas of the worldwide Christian movement that He started. If we do find out we are the problem, what would be our next move? Would we be willing to be involved in the larger aspects of Jesus’ worldwide Christian movement? Would we be able to lay our lives before Jesus’ disciple training system and start all over again?

Why Is This So Hard?
This is what many Christian leaders have been looking for. This approach has already demonstrated that it has the full potential to change the world. Think about what started with just one Man, Jesus. He reached out to twelve others. Then they reached out to subsequent lives that were touched, changed, and transformed.
Jesus’ Method To A Worldwide Movement
Go back and look at Jesus’ system again. It sounds like it is too simplistic to reach billions of people. Yet it has spanned thousands of years and saved billions of people. We are trying and falling short by using our system. Our system looks very much like Jesus’ system. However, it has a few flaws in it. Those flaws are bring addition and multiplication type growth to our outreach. Jesus’ system brings exponential growth to our outreach. When a mighty move of God takes place, people get excited and spread the message. When a mighty effort of human works takes place, people get fatigued and discouraged. We can ALL tell the difference between church growth through God and church growth through human effort.

I Want To Make A Difference
There are so many who want to be involved in something really great. Jesus’ method would be a movement they could sink their teeth into. What would it take to be a part of a worldwide Christian movement that spreads around the world today with healing and peace? What would it require for us to see the people who occupy this planet now, start getting their hurts healed, the hungry fed, the prisoners and sick visited, the naked clothed, and their lives changed? Assuming that God is in agreement with such a possibility, what would we need to do to be a part of it? If God started talking to you and indicating that He was going to increase the effort in generating a mighty movement for today, what plan do you think He would set forth?

All of us, who have entertained the idea of seeing the world changed with the kind of healing we have experienced, have posed some sort of suggestion as to what it would take. Do we need more churches? Do we need more ministers? Do we need more home churches or small groups? Maybe we need more prayer? Could it be that we need more repentance or greater dedication? On and on we go proposing what God would want us to do to respond to the needs of the people we are responsible for.

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