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To Be Or To Do, Is That The Question?
Should we wait around until we have become so holy and relational that we are finally ready to go out and do the ministry; or, should we grow as we go? What is more important? Is “being” more important or is “doing” more important? What if those aren’t our only two options?

Was Jesus trying to make His disciples better or was He trying to make them more dependent?

Maybe hearing from our God and staying connected to Him are the important issues. It is possible that God never intended to make us holy. He could be trying to get us connected to holiness and then let that holiness shine through our relationships to others. Maybe spiritual connectedness is the important issue.
Look At Me!
We don’t know about you; but, if we start being holy, we are going to feel really proud about it. But, if the holiness we are experiencing is God flowing in and through us, we are going to be more prone to give Him the glory. We’ve had a lot of man’s holiness over the years.

In Jesus’ time the Pharisees and Sadducees were perfect examples of people who thought they had become pretty holy. They were so sure they had achieved it they completely missed the Son of God in their midst.

That can happen to us. Us getting a certain holiness from God, claiming that holiness for ourselves, and trying to do Godly things because of who we think we have become, causes us to miss out on what God is doing.

If our eyes are on ourselves, then our eyes can’t be on God.

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