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The Heart Of The Matter
The first thing we have to do is get the good news about Jesus into our heart. The Bible calls the subconscious mind the heart. That is the area of our mind where the real “us” lives. All the things we like, don’t like, fear, enjoy, desire, or love are initiated in the heart.

A lot of memories, experiences, and training have been stored in our heart. If they are good things that influence us toward good behavior, we experience and store up more good in our life. If they are bad influences, we behave in a negative way and pursue negative things.

God has a plan and a procedure for us to use so as to make sure we are heading in a positive direction for life and for eternity. It isn’t just a training course that teaches us good philosophies for life. It isn’t a self-help plan that tells us how we should be living. It is a strengthening plan that makes the power of God available to us so we will be able to accomplish great things through a relationship with Him and His power.
The Heart Of Our Relationships
Ultimately we will need to interact with those around us. Not only does our heart control the way we live, it controls the way we treat others. The way we treat others influences the way they treat us. The way people treat us influences the way we feel and the way we interact with people in the future.

If we don’t have a plan that works, we will find ourselves spiraling downward as we make mistakes in our social interaction and receive bad experiences from those around us. God wants to help us solve the social problems we currently have and help us keep from creating new problems with people.

This lays a foundation for how you can use biblical procedures for all the relationships in your life. That is huge in how much you will enjoy life. We are praying that God heals your heart and enables you to live and share the good news.

God bless you abundantly as you move forward in your spiritual journey.   

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