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Here Is A List Of “Sermons For Life” With Introductions
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The first series, The Pursuit Of God, is designed to help us with our relationship with God. Any questions, doubts, fears, misunderstanding, or problems we may have with God are addressed during this study. If our relationship with God is weak or damaged, it will affect all the other aspects of our life.



The second series, The Greatness Of God, helps us build on the relationship we established through the Pursuit Of God series. It helps us not only love God and put our trust in Him, it makes it possible for us to see the incredible provisions God has for us. If we can see how great God really is, we will be able to have faith for much more than



The third series, The Dream, helps us have a goal and a purpose that is in line with God’s very best for us. He and we start working together to fulfill a purpose that brings complete satisfaction and joy in our lives. For the first time, we are heading in a direction that fits us perfectly.



The fourth series, The Children Of God, will explain why God is willing to bless you with things you may not feel you deserve. The more you study these Biblical principles, the more you will find out that God has an incredible plan for you AND is willing to give you fantastic provisions so as to be able to fulfill that dream. This series will help you see why God is being so generous to you.



The fifth series, The Word Of God, shows you where God put all the information and principles that will make your dreams come true and you life successful. The Bible has all the information you will ever need in order to live a life that is blessed and filled with happiness, joy, peace, and satisfaction.



The sixth series, Hearing God’s Voice, puts you in contact with your heavenly Father. You and He will be spending a lot of time going over the Bible together. It is easy to see what the Bible is saying; but, it would be confusing to you to try to figure out that it means. Your heavenly Father is going to help you not only understand what the Bible says, He is going to help you know exactly how to apply its principles to your life. This will give you the power to live a whole new way of life.



The seventh series, God’s Answers To Prayer, shows you how to start asking your heavenly Father for the things that will really make you happy. It explains why God doesn’t answer some of our prayers the way we think He should. It also explains why we need to start increasing our prayers to a level that asks for much more and much greater things. It helps us open our eyes to the greatness of our God and the greatness of His provisions.



The eighth series, The Kingdom, makes eternal life real to us. It shows us why we are here on earth so we can study, grow, and succeed at life here and forever. If all there is, is a life here on earth, then we will all just live for the moment. But, since we are going to live forever, this series shows us how to prepare for eternal life with God in heaven.



The ninth series, Born To Win, takes our dreams, our studies, our prayers, and our relationship with God and puts them all together so we can use them to see great success in all the areas of our life. Each series has given you the tools to use to help you move into this series and learn how win at all you do. It will help you know HOW to win at life and succeed in eternity.



The tenth series, The Good News, adds another dimension to why God is willing to bless you with so many wonderful things. Not only is He blessing you with powerful and great things because you are His child, He is also blessing you so other people can see the greatness of your life and want what you have. Your life of success will be a good news message to all those around you. You will be living proof that God is the answer to all they need. You are going to find great joy through helping others find the happiness you have found.



The eleventh series, Building Relationships, moves into the area where God is all about and where we have our greatest desires. The more we grow in our relationship with God, ourselves, and other people, the more we win at life and the more we find the happiness we seek. This series will be taking all the principles you have learned so far and help you live and share the good news about God, yourself, and everyone else on this planet. It is a relationship that makes life worth living.



The twelfth series, Working With God, leads us into a relationship with God that is so much better than much of what you see today. Many people are trying to work FOR God. They are trying to find ways to do something that will please God and EARN His acceptance. This series will help you see the importance of working WITH God. It will build on the things you have learned and applied to your life so your relationship with Him will be one of doing everything you do WITH Him.



The thirteenth series, Living The Christ-life, shows us the greatest key to living the Christian life and succeeding at life. It reveals principles that show us all that Jesus is able to do for us and through us to the hurting people around us. There is a relationship with Jesus that brings all of God’s requirements, directions, principles, and provisions into reality in us. Our relationship with Jesus will give us the power, skills, abilities, character, and attitudes we need to live a life that fulfills all the promises of the Bible. This series is vital to bring all of us into the fulfillment of all God has for us.



The fourteenth series, Parental Training, helps parents see that God put them with a child for a specific purpose. In order for that child to have their greatest chance of being born as a child fof God, He chose the place on the planet, the time of birth, their gender, their body type, and their parents. He didn’t make any mistakes. When that child and all the people involved stand before Jesus, they will all see His plan and agree that it was the best plan for that child.

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