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Developing People Relationships
It is impossible to develop any complete relationship with God without including people in our lives. It is equally impossible to live life as a human and not have relationships with people around us. The Bible has a lot to say about our relationships. It gives us the most powerful and effective methods for building wonderful and meaningful relationships. When that happens, our life improves drastically. The better our relationships are with people, the better we feel about ourselves. The more successful we are in developing our people skills, the more successful we are in business. Dating, courtship, marriage and family raising are all dependent on our ability to build quality relationships with those we want to spend our life with. Whether it is a casual acquaintance or a lifetime friendship, we enjoy our days much more, when we know how to get along with people.

Practicing At Church
One of the best places to start learning how to build relationships is at church.
The people at church are good people to start practicing on. As we learn how to build relationships with them, we can take those skills and use them in the other areas of our life. Learning how to meet strangers, how to improve existing relationships, how to repair damaged relationships, and how to fit into a church family are all wonderful skills to have. As you grow in your relationship building skills at church, these abilities will spread out to all your other relationships. Church provides you with plenty of people who are different from you and from one another. Since you belong to them and they belong to you, it is normal for you to talk to them and grow in your relationship with them. It is expected that you would become friends with them and allow them to be your friends. The more all of you learn and grow together, you will find yourself a part of one of the most wonderful families in the world.

God bless you abundantly as you move forward in your spiritual journey.   

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