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There is so much confusion among Christians about what happened to them when they became a child of God. Many simply go back to living life just as they had before. Sure, now they go to church and maybe stop swearing or telling dirty jokes. They make a few “token” changes to the way they live and feel like they are living life to the full. That isn’t what God had in mind.

Christianity is a power filled life. God made all of our old life pass away and gave us a whole new life to live. However, many Christians don’t know about that old life passing away and the new life coming to take its place. This new life is ours like a million dollars being deposited into our checking account at our bank. If we don’t know it is there or we don’t know how to access it, it doesn’t do us any good.

This Devotional Theme is addressing the power of God on three levels: how to demonstrate the power of God, how to yield to the power of God, and how to meet the power of God in person.
If our car battery runs out of power, we won’t be able to start our car; and it won't be able to take us places. Even though the tank is full of gas and the motor is capable of working perfectly, if we have a dead battery, our car won’t serve much of a purpose for us.

We are the battery in the work of God that releases the mighty power of God into a desperate world. A car battery doesn’t have nearly as much power as a tank of gas; but, a powerless battery will keep the power of the gasoline from being utilized. A powerless Christian will keep the mighty power of God from meeting the needs of the people who live around them; and it will keep the blessings of God out of their own life.

Usually a Christian isn’t powerless because they want to be; it is usually because they don’t know how to tap into all God has made available to them. This Devotional Theme opens up that how-to information from God’s Word.

God bless you abundantly as you move forward in your spiritual journey.   

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