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Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? What is going to bring about the most happiness and satisfaction? Is there an eternal plan for your life? It would be so disappointing to live our entire life and find out we did it all wrong. It would be frustrating to live our life and find out that it could have been so much better. Why wait until you get to heaven to find out how you could have had a much better life here on earth. God has so much to offer and it is available at our fingertips. If we take advantage of them, they give us a great life here and prepare us for the dynamic life in eternity. But, the big questions are, what is available to you; and how do you use them?

We will be exploring the great provisions of God for Kingdom living here on earth. God has great plans for your life; but you are going to need to know how to reach that full potential.
When you became a Christian, you were born into the family of God. That has given you a lot of rights and privileges that will make your life great, if you take advantage of them. God wants and requires you to learn from His Word about all He has given you. We will be spending time looking into the Scriptures that explain what God says He has provided for all those who will learn to take advantage of them. The confusing thing that many Christians face is that they do not understand how gentle and noninvasive God is. Becoming a Christian doesn't force the things of God on us; it only makes them available for us to choose to take advantage of. If we neglect them, they lay dormant in our life. This devotional set will help keep this from happening to you. We pray that God will reveal to you how wonderful eternity is going to be.

God bless you abundantly as you move forward in your spiritual journey.   

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