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Before You Start
“Sermons For Life”
The Sermon List With Introductions
Before you get started listening to one of the “Sermons For Life,” you might find it beneficial to take a look at the big picture. The Sermon List is a page where you can not only read the introductory information about each series, you can select the title of a series and it will take you to the sermons in that series. It is usually a lot more helpful, if you know how the series and sermons are arranged so you can know where you are going.
Progressive Spiritual Growth
Following The List
While you are looking at the introductions to each sermon series, see if you can see how each sermon series builds on the previous series. Jesus wants to help you grow in a progressive way. As you get the truths in the first series, it gets you ready for the truths in the next series. This helps you always be growing on the basis of those Biblical truths you have prayed for in the previous sermon series.

God bless you abundantly, as you open your heart to the spiritual growth Jesus is going to be making available to you through “Sermons For Life.”

Keeping a record of the sermons you have completed is very important. Sometimes we forget where we left off. We have provided you with a sheet you can print that will help you keep track of those sermons you have already completed.

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Shortcut Words
Once you have read the Sermon Series’ welcome and each sermon introduction and are navigating back and forth during your times of listening to sermons, you can use this Shortcut Bar to speed up your access to the sermons. If you are not sure what a shortcut-word represents, just hold your mouse cursor over the word and the full title will appear.

Pursuit Greatness Dream Children Word Voice Answers Kingdom Win Good Relationships Working Christ-Life
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Sermons For Life WCTLC Start Page Sermon List Page

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